Spotify for learning Turkish

Sometimes my students ask me about Turkish music and I try to make a playlist for them. I know music is also a powerful tool to learn Turkish. Listening to Turkish songs is sometimes even better than all kinds of methods for remembering new vocabulary.

There are many ways to use music for learning Turkish, like Youtube, radio, podcasts… And also Spotify!  Spotify has plenty of features for you to take advantage of when it comes to learning Turkish.

But some of you might be new to Spotify and here’s a quick intro for you:

Spotify is a music streaming service. You listen to music wherever you are with your computer, tablet or phone. The free version plays ads every 30 minutes or so, and limits certain features such as downloading for offline listening and playing out of shuffle mode on a phone. You can get all this if you join the Premium version.

You can create your own playlists, search and save your favorite songs. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have lyrics features but when you listen to any Turkish song, at the same time you can find its lyric on Google. For this, you need to write like this on Google:   Singer name +  Song title+ sözleri (lyrics)

Go to ‘Browse’.

Most of what you see here will be determined by your location and native language but there’s are a couple of useful features worth knowing.

When you go to Browse, you’ll see ‘Charts’ where you can find Turkey Top 50 and Turkey Viral 50 lists. Here is what you need; Lists of Turkish songs!

The charts are difficult to find on the desktop, but they’re in playin sight on a tablet or phone under ‘Browse’.

If these songs are not enough for you, or you maybe want to hear something different then go to “Search”. If you write the word “Turkish”, it gives you many options like Turkish Rock’n Roll, Turkish Dance, Turkish Hip Pop…. As you wish

You can also search by using the word “Turkey”, in order to access numerous playlists made by users or albums. The best part is that the more you listen to songs the more you will see of related artists, albums and playlists. And yet On top of it, Spotify makes a playlist just for you that fits your taste. So some days when you don’t want to spend time to search Turkish music, there is one ready for you.

 Go to Radio

This is another option. Here, you should choose Turkish as the app language when dowloading Spotify if you want to listen more to Turkish music.

But if you think you might get lost, then you need to wait some time until Spotify gives you some options related to Turkish singers. When I don’t know what to listen to, I prefer radio, and especially “ Türkçe 90’lar” is my favorite.


When you teach a language which is not on the top of “the most common languages” list, you need to be creative and a detective. Even though Turkish is not on the bottom of this list, it’s not easy to find as many resources as English, Spanish etc. So one day, being a detective of Turkish language on Spotify, I discovered that there is also a Turkish language course in it. But don’t be disappointed like me, because the audios are not good enough but still better than nothing! If you want to try this, just write “Turkish Langauge” on the search bar.

Which Turkish song is your favorite? Please, share with us 🙂


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