From My Students

MOHAMMAD S., KUWAIT, 19.04 2018

I have been living in Istanbul since 2013. As you may know, in Istanbul it is very essential to speak Turkish in order to get along with Istanbulians better. Personally, I have been struggling to learn Turkish for two main reasons; 1) my busy schedule with lots of business trips and other work issues; 2) logistics from and to language schools.

From my personal experience with Turkish course, believe me when I say I have tried everything to study Turkish including; Turkish classes (big groups); Turkish classes with small groups; private lessons (one-on-one); online course; etc. I almost gave up on learning Turkish.

Before giving up on Turkish, I have contacted with Eda, who has taught me Turkish back in 2013, and asked her whether she teaches private lessons. She has told me that she is a freelancer and teaches through Skype. At first, I was not very comfortable to take Skype classes, but nothing is wrong in getting out of my comfort zone and try Turkish classes through Skype, especially that I know how good Eda is when she taught me back in 2013. So, I have taken Eda’s first lesson as a trial lesson, and since then I have been hooked. As a full-time employee, Skype lessons have become very handy to me, because I became able to take these lessons during my lunch break in the office, without wasting time commuting on the road.

To make long short, Eda is very experienced and professional teacher. Many good teachers can deliver the message across to their students; but Eda’s ultimate quality is that she first understands her student’s weaknesses and strengths; then she breaks down these weaknesses and strengths to her student. Once the weak and strong areas have been identified, she builds her teaching methods based on these elements as a tailormade lessons. I remember clearly during our trial lesson explaining to her my objectives and telling her my wish to focus more on talking and listening, she did that at first, but with her experience she strengthened my writing and reading along the way, and now she is following balanced lessons over the period of our course. As of writing this piece, I have completed 60 hours with Eda, and since I have been taking her lessons, I have been able to participate in work meetings in Turkish, where my colleagues and co-workers have been noticing and praising the development in my Turkish.

I have been recommending Eda for my foreign friends and colleague to take lessons not only to improve their Turkish but to take their Turkish to the next level. To you too whom looking forward to talking like a native Turkish, I would highly recommend Eda’s classes. Once you are dedicated and persistent, you will be hooked… believe me! 🙂

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MAISSAM N., LEBANON, 15.04.2017

I took classes with Eda for a month and will continue. They were exactly what I needed, after having finished the levels in the language centers and not finding what I wanted i.e. a way to develop my language beyond conversation, Eda correctly identified my needs and designed the lessons accordingly: I learned a lot of academic vocabulary through reading articles or watching videos and then discussing them during our lessons. During the Skype lesson, a lot of time was given to me to try to express complex ideas and feedback was provided on the go. Eda has a very effective way of correcting my mistakes and then adapting homework accordingly. She is knowledgeable in all topics and discussions with her are always very stimulating! She is also very responsive outside lesson time to any question by email.

All in all, the course was tailored perfectly to my needs and I greatly benefited from it. I think that anyone at any level would benefit too as Eda’s approach is very flexible and adaptable.

In French:

J’ai pris des cours particuliers avec Eda pendant un mois et je vais continuer à en prendre. Ces cours correspondaient exactement à mes besoins, après avoir terminé les niveaux aux centres de langue et ne pas avoir trouvé ce que je cherchais c.a.d. un moyen de développer mon niveau au delà de la conversation, Eda a correctement identifié mes besoins et a concu des lecons en conséquence: J’ai appris du vocabulaire académique en turc à travers la lecture d’articles ou en regardant des vidéos et en les discutant durant les lecons. Pendant une grande partie du temps des lecons sur Skype, il m’était demandé d’essayer d’exprimer des idées complexe et je recevais des commentaires tout de suite. Eda corrigeait mes fautes efficacement et adaptait les devoirs pour la semaine en conséquence. Elle a une vaste culture générale et les discussions avec elle sont toujours très stimulantes. Elle est aussi très réactive en dehors des lecons à des questions par mail. En tout, le cours était parfaitement fait sur mesure à mes besoins et j’en ai tiré un très grand bénéfice. Je pense que quiconque à quelconque niveau en bénéficierait car l’approche d’Eda est flexible et adaptable.


OSCAR DURAND, PERU, 01.12.2016

“I’ve been taking Skype lessons with Eda for about 4 months and I am extremely satisfied. At the beginning I was a little unsure on how well a Skype lesson would work for me. But now that I have tried Eda’s lessons I am convinced that this is one of the best ways to do it. I took in-person lessons before and there are the added inconveniences of finding a cafe, noise, etc. Now I only connect to the internet and I am ready to learn. And enjoy her teaching style very much. Her fun personality and the different types of materials – video, readings, exercises, etc – make her teaching not only effective but also very dynamic. I highly recommend her.

In Spanish :

Vengo tomando clases en Skype con Eda por 4 meses y estoy muy satisfecho. Al comienzo la idea de tomar lecciones por Skype me hizo dudar un poco. Pero luego de que probé las lecciones de Eda me convencí de que ésta es una de las mejores maneras de mejorar mi Turco. Anteriormente tomé lecciones privadas – en persona – y encontrar un café y el ruido siempre eran inconvenientes. Ahora solo tengo que conectarme a internet y ya estoy listo para aprender. También me gusta el estilo en el que Eda enseña. Su personalidad divertida y los diferentes tipos de materiales que Eda prepara – videos, lecturas, ejercicios escritos – hacen las lecciones no solo efectivas pero también muy dinámicas. Recomiendo a Eda como profesora.”


I have been working with Eda for approximately 1 year now in order to improve my Turkish. In the past I had several Turkish teachers but Eda is a class of her own.
Her humor, and relaxed way of teaching even the most complicated grammar is just great. Additionally the lessons do not just finish after the lesson, she is always available if you have questions and answers promptly by email, whats app or skype.
The other thing that intrigued me is that her teaching material is amazing, she prepares herself videoclips with subtitles, transcripts or provides material according to your interest and not just some old fashion teaching books.
The way we work together is by using Skype. In the beginning I had doubts that this could work and now I wont miss it. It is flexible and comfortable. No need to meet in a cafe or somewhere, just stay where you are if you have internet access and focus on the lesson.
In summary I recommend Eda to everybody who seriously wants to improve his or her Turkish, I emphasize here on seriously, because Eda wants her students to get better, which is for me very important.


VINCENT MANZI, USA, 10.05.2016

Eda is a unique and gifted language teacher. She understands the essence of both Turkish and English grammar, which makes for a simple and straightforward lesson. Every course focuses on practicality, and is custom created to my specific needs. She is open-minded and serious. I am grateful to have learned Turkish quickly and correctly from her.



I started taking online lessons with Eda Ocak two years ago after having done some face to face courses in Istanbul (up to level B1), as I wanted to go on learning after returning back home. First of all: I can highly recommend Eda’s online lessons. Eda is an incredibly open, kind person. We laugh a lot during the lessons and work hard at the same time. She is a seasoned language teacher who knows how to adapt her teaching style to students of diffferent cultural and professional backgrounds as well as different levels of knowledge. She teaches grammar in a very structured yet flexible way, teases me into conversations, encouraging me to speak Turkish all the time, giving me valuable feedback and taylored homework tasks. Eda uses a variety of methods in her classes: she has had me describe pictures, read texts, train my listening skills by watching short videos, practice grammar, form sentences, compile vocabulary. At the same time, she is very flexible and willing to deviate from her plan when I come with a topic I would like to discuss.

And she is a person full of curiosity that can contribute to many topics, is a good listener asking good questions. I would never have thought that online language classes could be that inspiring, enjoyable and efficient. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact me at

In German :

Ich kam vor zwei Jahren zu Eda Ocak in den Online-Unterricht, nachdem ich einige “klassische” Türkischkurse in Istanbul (bis Level B1) belegt hatte danach den Wunsch hatte, von zuhause aus weiterzumachen. Ich kann Edas Online-Unterricht nur wärmstens empfehlen. Eda ist eine unglaublich offene, nette Person – wir lachen viel im Unterricht und arbeiten gleichzeitig konzentriert.Eda ist eine erfahrene Sprachpädagogin, die in der Lage ist, sich in ihrem Unterricht auf Menschen unterschiedlicher Herkunft, Vorbildung und Neigung erfolgreich einzustellen, ihnen ebenso systematisch wie flexibel alle wichtigen Strukturen beizubringen, sie mit interessanten Themen in Konversationen zu locken, zum Sprechen zu ermutigen, und ihnen punktgenaues Feedback und passende Hausaufgaben zu geben. Sie setzt vielfältige Methoden ein – wir beschreiben Bilder, lesen Texte, üben Hörverstehen anhand von kurzen videos, trainieren Grammatik, bilden Sätze, erarbeiten Wortfelder …. – und ist gleichzeitig bereit, von ihrem Plan abzuweichen und sich auf ein Gesprächsthema, das ich mitbringe, flexibel einzulassen. Eda ist eine Persönlichkeit, die zu vielen Themen etwas zu sagen hat, neugierig ist und gute Fragen stellt. Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass Online-Sprachunterricht so anregend, kurzweilig und effizient sein könnte. Wer gerne noch mehr wissen möchte, kann mich sehr gern unter kontaktieren.