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I’ve been teaching Turkish for 9 years. My students’ profile scales range from housewives to managers, artists, teachers etc. with different ages. I also teach for corporations and consulates. So understanding students’ problems and obstacles is a part of my job, I can easily get the lessons adapted for you, and motivate you for speaking the language of your daily life.

If the student doesn’t speak a common language which is English, it’s not a problem for me to teach. I am also experienced in this so I can teach Turkish without English, it’s easier with Skype because I can use images, slayts, and videos during the lesson.


Teaching through Skype gives me many opportunities to use the benefits of the internet. For the lessons: I use videos, pictures, web pages, newspapers and audios for listening. These resources make the lessons more interesting, fun and understandable. Also if you use social media you will have a daily chance to learn Turkish with Instagram, Facebook and the blog here by following me. Every day I share new vocabularies, expressions or grammar; and in the blog, you can find different stories, articles, or podcast that fit your level. After all no need to buy books that you have to carry wherever you go. You can have your Turkish resources, everywhere you go, within your laptop. There will be a little library on your PC when you join me through internet and Skype.


Learning a language always depends on your needs and motivations. Maybe you are good at listening, but not with speaking, or maybe you lack grammar knowledge but speaking is not that difficult to you. One on one lessons give me the opportunity to realize my students’ needs and get the area of interest and the best way they learn in.


Other than saving time, you’re saving money as well, by saving the road costs. And as it saves me money as well, I do charge less for Skype lessons, than for face to face ones.


Whether you live in Turkey or not, it’s not easy to spend your free time by going to a language course. Time is the Key issue nowadays! So why spend it on the way to and back from the course? Let’s use the advantage of the internet! You can save your time for yourself and still learn Turkish, arguably better, with me through Skype. Because you can choose the timing of the lessons and take as many as you need. Learning Turkish, or any other language, shouldn’t stop you from traveling, meeting with friends, or practicing with Turkish people.


If you have an idea about a stuffy stereotype of a language tutor/teacher, it will change when you start the lessons with me. Learning a language is not a heavy thing and I would like you to enjoy our lessons. So I always make my own materials that can be your resource to help you learn Turkish in a more engaging and fun way. When you make the Skype call, you will find an energetic and smiling teacher 🙂





If you don’t have a Skype account, you can download it, starting with clicking the tab below. But if you have one already, then you can skip this step and go to the second one.

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After you download Skype and have an account, or if you have one already, you can apply for a trial lesson which is for free. In this trial lesson, we will try to know each other and see if we can fit one another. And at the same time, we will talk about your priorities, needs, and desires for learning Turkish.

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